You have decades of life left. What are you going to do with it?

ProBoomer exists to support the millions of Baby Boomers who are redefining the so-called “Retirement” phase of life.

This ain’t your granddaddy’s retirement

Baby Boomers have increased lifespan and increase “healthspan”. Technology and the way of the world of wide-open possibilities (which Boomers launched a path to back in the sixties) give us so many opportunities and abilities. The notion of retiring (aka withdrawal, secede, go away, retreat, resign, abandon, etc.) is fading with our generation and for good reason.

This is a generation that redefined what it is to be of a certain age. In the 1960s many Boomers did not accept what parents and society expected. That mindset launched social movements, lifestyle changes, and eventually the entrepreneur and technology explosions (think garage startups like Apple and Microsoft). Boomers are doing it again. Redefining lifestyle and purpose in this later phase of life.

What are millions of Boomers doing? Millions of non-traditional approaches such as:

  • Look at this time as “My Turn.” Seeking or fulfilling ideas for a new business.
  • Leaving a legacy. Popular amongst Baby Boomers is Social Entrepreneurialism which uses business models to solve problems facing society.
  • Continuing to work. Many out of necessity. Many needing to overcome ageism to find or keep their jobs.
  • A desire to change careers. To parley their experience and skills to something else.
  • A million other options in between all of the above. For instance, many want to stay employed, but not for 40+ hours a week.

Ultimately, it is to make the decades of healthy, enabled and vibrant life ahead fulfilling. It is to have purpose, relevance and achievement, perhaps the greatest of their lives, in this phase of life with which the options bigger than ever before.

ProBoomer supports you in these efforts with information, ideas, insights, tools, and community to make the years ahead some of your best. For you, your family and others.

Economic Impact

There are approximately 110 million people in the United States over the age of 50. That’s about one-third of the population. For years there has been a growing concern globally as well as nationally this population bubble would drain public funds and decrease the Gross National Product.

While both will take a hit, there is excitement because a multitude of Boomers are not fully retiring and therefore will contribute to the economy and stay healthier because they will keep their lives relevant and purposeful (“nothing kills in retirement like…retirement”).

Some Boomers can’t afford to retire and must keep working. There is a new and positive trend by which businesses and corporations swinging back from offloading older workers to embracing them for the experience, wisdom, and mentoring they have to offer as well as their individual talents and skills.

More and more Boomers are becoming entrepreneurs outpacing millennials by a 2 to 1 margin in startups while also being more likely to still be in business years later. It stands to reason. Boomers have the experience, networks, and money to succeed.

Being a ProBoomer

Being a ProBoomer fosters this trend, this movement. ProBoomer exists to help those Boomers seeking something other than traditional retirement launch themselves. To startup, find work, overcome ageism, find an idea, or simply to answer the question; “now what?”

ProBoomer also exists to build a community. To bring together others like you to contribute ideas, insights, information, and advice. Just as Boomers become involved in the sixties, now we need to be involved in our sixties.

You can help build that community by sharing and commenting on ProBoomer and its social media channels.

It’s obvious that the more purpose we have, the more we are engaged, the more relevant we are as human beings the healthier and happier we and those around us are. How many of us have seen parents and friends decline when they lose their purpose?

Be Relevant

Staying relevant and living with purpose can prevent decline and instead, provide fulfillment while also providing impact.

This can be achieved in so many different ways from staying employed to starting a business and the millions of options in points between the two.

There is another megatrend by Baby Boomers: Social Entrepreneurialism. These are Purpose Driven Businesses focused on solving problems for people and communities all over the world. The idea is that business models are a more successful and impactful approach than not-for-profit. There is a rallying cry that “entrepreneurs will solve the world’s problems” (do you want to count on government?).

Boomers are a major part of this trend (ProBoomer is a Purpose Driven Business).

If retirement is right for you, congratulations. Godspeed. You’ve earned it. However, if you are one of the growing numbers of Boomers who, a couple of years into retirement says, “I am failing at retirement” and need options, we’re here for you now and into the future.