BOOMcast” Ageism & Jobs: It’s up to Boomers to adapt and skill up

It’s up to older workers, employees, and job seekers to overcome ageism if you want to earn an income in the modern age and the changing demands of work given the coronavirus pandemic.

To wait for the rest of the business world to change is a fatal mistake.

In this ProBoomer BOOMcast, leadership and intergenerational workforce expert Marc Michaelson provides older/Boomer job seekers and employees with the key perspectives and mindsets necessary to earn an income in today’s business climate.

The key to success is adapting to the way business is today, not what we experienced in our careers. Often it is not ageism or age discrimination but rather the fact business leaders need teams that adapt, learn, fail fast/fail often, innovate, experiment, and do so quickly.

Baby Boomers who adopt the mindset and skillset to embrace this can be viewed as an asset along with experience and their own talents.

The point is, don’t wait for the rest of the world to change. Be the change.

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