Boomer Buying Power (Infographic)

The numbers in the infographic below are stunning.

The facts show that Baby Boomers are the most powerful market demographic in this country.

There is a gargantuan opportunity to fulfill needs and tap into this market.

Who better to take advantage of this than Baby Boomers themselves?

Especially when you see the mind-boggling fact at the bottom of the infographic.

If you’re looking to start a business, you can leverage your insight, knowledge and empathy to market and sell to this market.

If you’re looking for a job, your insight, knowledge and empathy (along with all of your other skills, talents and experience) can help your employer or prospective employer market and sell to Boomers.

“Almost all Boomer-focused marketing today is to help older Boomers with age- or health-related maladies, real or imagined: bladder control, cholesterol, osteoporosis, hearing loss, erectile dysfunction, constipation, prostate issues, arthritis and countless others.

Enough already!

Boomers want to know about cars, travel, electronics, packaged goods, home improvement and other products you have to sell that they want to buy.”

–Matt Thornhill MediaPost Boomer Project

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