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How to Find a Better Yellow Brick Road in Life for You

How can you find a Better Yellow Brick Road in Life for You?

By considering what you can learn from Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and the Wizard of Oz.

Both have insights that can help you make the first big step in pivoting, transitioning, and transforming your life.

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How to Find a Better Yellow Brick Road in Life for You TRANSCRIPT:

[00:00:00] It’s time for you to follow your yellow brick road. Or maybe it’s what Elton John said. It’s time to say goodbye to your current yellow brick road. It’s the second day of 2023, and all around me, New Year’s resolutions abound, and they all relate to how to have a better life. And nowadays, this has become a huge megatrend. It was already happening. And COVID, the pandemic and everything else that’s been going on has accelerated it. It started out as the the big quit the great resignation, and it’s turned into the great rethink. And it happens to us when we’re older and we suddenly start wondering, what am I doing? What am I doing with my life? That’s where we get into Elton John. First of all, in a moment, I’ll get to The Wizard of Oz. So in that song, the chorus is written by his writing partner, Bernie Taubman goes, So goodbye Yellow Brick Road, where the dogs of society howl expectations. You can’t plant me in your penthouse. I’m going back to my plow. And how that’s been interpreted is he and Elton thinking, Wait a minute, We thought we wanted this fame and fortune and celebrity and everything that came with it. And now they’re going, Wait a minute, this isn’t right for me. At least this isn’t right for me in this stage of life. And I’m seriously thinking about getting off and saying goodbye to this yellow brick road.


[00:01:36] And how many of us have gone through that that, you know, in our young adulthood or our youth? It’s like, well, this is the kind of life I’m supposed to lead the default life for. This is what I want to do. And maybe that was right at the time, but we get older. And what does that mean? 38, forties, 50, 6070s, eighties. We finally reached a point in life where we’re old enough and the way the world is in society and technology, which gives us the opportunity to really think about. What is my yellow brick road? What is it that I really and truly want and is right and aligned for me, especially considering the fact that older hood isn’t what it used to be. Because with decent health and purpose and joy of life. We can live healthily into our nineties. Scientists say the first person to live to 150 is alive today. It’s a whole new reality, a whole new set of possibilities. But ultimately it comes down to, well, what’s right for me? What do I really want? Because that’s what people are asking right now. What am I doing? What do I do? What’s the yellow road? Yellow brick road that I really want for myself? Well, in the story of The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion went down the yellow brick road to find what they thought they needed.


[00:03:03] And what happened in all four of them? It was already there. They already had it. They went to the Wizard of Oz for him to magically give it to them. But how do you give something to someone when they already have it? So the lion already had courage. The Tin Man already had a heart. The scarecrow was already smart. And Dorothy, in her case, most aware. One already knew that she really wanted to go home. After she was trying to run away, she realized, No, there’s no place like home. But the great and powerful Oz, in truth, was great and powerful and very aware, and he knew that they had to go through the trials and tribulations and the challenging and the the challenges and the self work for those things to come forth within them and for them realizes. And so in actuality, that’s true for all of us. There is something there are maybe several things out there for you. Whatever phase of life you’re in, whatever situation you’re in, they can be big or they can be small in scope or the way other people perceive it. But for you, they can be huge. It gives you the life this really meaningful for you. Isn’t that what you deserve? I mean, we’ve got one pass at this thing, right? Isn’t that you? That what you deserve? That’s what New way forward is about.


[00:04:24] It’s actually taking the time and putting the effort and going down that yellow brick road. And yes, there are going to be lions and tigers and bears. Oh, my. But that’s part of the process, like everything in life. So consider for yourself. Do I need to say goodbye to the yellow brick road that I’m on? And do I take the time and the effort to go down a new yellow brick road to discover what’s already in you, what you’re already capable of, and what’s already there for you. That gives you the purpose, the satisfaction, the happiness, the lifestyle, even the income that you want. Because no time in the course in human history have the possibilities been more bountiful. And this new phase of life that’s available to us, the extended health and life span and purpose and activity, it’s already a mega global trend, an aid for those that are in their twenties and thirties. That’s going to actually be the reality by the time they get in their 50, 6070s, eighties, nineties and hundreds. So if you are older than that, why not take advantage of it now? And if you are in your thirties, it’s a whole new way to look at your whole life. There’s a new way forward that’s out there. It’s the right for you.