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How to Start a Business – How to get the BIG IDEA

Before even answering how to start a business, ask how to get a big idea. THE big idea.

One that will lead to success and that’s the ultimate right for you. An idea you will be passionate about. One that you are deeply aligned with which is critical to enable you to make it a reality. One that doesn’t require a ton of knowledge, creativity, or experience to come up with.

Listen as New Way Forward’s Paul Long shares Jay Samit’s BEST METHOD for finding the big idea to make you an entrepreneur. An idea that will align with you and your customers. An approach that’s especially good for Boomers, Generation X, older millennials, and any of us who have a lot of life experience.

Jay Samit:

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Podcast Transcript: How to Start a Business – How to get the BIG IDEA

Helping you find your new way forward to the best years of your life. This is a new way forward podcast with Paul Long. So let’s say in this stage of life, you’ve got that itch to start up a business to be an entrepreneur, but you’re not sure what that business should be. Now it is a mega trend. So many baby boomers are becoming entrepreneurs, and some of them are doing it because they’ve always had this big idea and now they’ve got a chance and this phase of life to pursue it. Or maybe it’s an outgrowth of what their professional career was, but what if you’re at ground zero and you have nothing? Well, someone I admire a lot this man named Jay Samit. He’s known as the great disruptor. He’s one of those guys that can look at a technology or a solution for one thing and apply it to something no one ever thought of before and make it even more successful and more useful. Here is Jay’s idea for the next 30 days before you go to bed. Every night before you brush your teeth, have a notepad and write down three problems that you saw that day or experienced.


Do that for 30 days. And here’s typically what happens. Some variation of this is that you can have an idea spark or you start seeing consistencies, and something inevitably is going to start grabbing your attention because you’re going to think, Oh, wait a minute, I might have a solution for that or that really ties into what I’m already good at because this is a great time of life to take advantage of this because you’ve got so many years of experience and wisdom and skills and talents that you can bring to the problem. So give that a try for the next 30 days every night before you go to bed. Write down three problems, and I think you’ll find that you put more and more attention on finding something. You’ll latch onto something and it’ll probably resonate with how you have the skills and abilities and insights in order to make it happen. You’ve been listening to a new Way Forward podcast with your host, Paul Long.