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How you can be Happy Instantly

Here is how you can be happy instantly. It works. It’s simple and the benefits go way beyond the moment.

It’s being grateful. For something big or small. You will be happy instantly. Your brain chemistry gets better instantly. Your mood improves because you’re happy.

And it builds and builds. You begin to identify and identify with the important things in your life and this helps you onto a New Way Forward.

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Transcript for How you can be Happy Instantly

[00:00:02] You cannot be unhappy if you’re being grateful. It’s true. Try it. I dare you try it. If you’re in a moment and you are being grateful for anything, you cannot be unhappy at that moment. For instance, standing here right now, I can sit up there and look at those trees and just be grateful for the beauty of them. Or I can be grateful that I woke up this morning, or that I’m in a warm home when it’s cold outside. Or I can certainly be grateful about the big things. It’s being grateful and being grateful as often as you can, because that gratitude in the first place impacts your body, it impacts your brain, it creates those great chemicals like dopamine that make you feel better, but also it makes you appreciative of what you have. I mean, think about it almost all day long. Every single day our thoughts are negative. Our thoughts are negative to ourselves. You don’t really. How could you do that? How could you not do that? Or if I only had or I wish I had, or look at what that person has. Those are all negative, really destructive thoughts. But being grateful for what you have doesn’t mean that you have to settle for what you have, but you can be grateful for it. I mean, I’ve heard some people say, Hey, a couple of million people didn’t wake up this morning. I did. Or again, just taking them, taking the appreciation of what’s around us. Or when you hear about, you know, seeking abundance, the power of intention, law of attraction and stuff, you know, you hear a great many sages actually throughout history that if say, the first thing you got to do is appreciate the abundance you already have of your life.


[00:01:49] And yes, you’re probably going to roll your eyes if I say, well, the abundance of air, the fact I can turn on a tap and have water, but you start connecting with the good things in life and the things that are positive in your life. And oh, by the way, in that moment you are happy. It can be just a little moment. I start with 30 seconds before I lift off my head off the pillow. I just think of what am I grateful for? And it might be that I’m in a warm bed. I got a good night’s sleep. I got a family that loved me. I’ve got this cool thing that I’m going to do today. It doesn’t matter. It’s whatever. Because here’s the other thing you always hear about people who are really successful and have a lot of money and they’re miserable. There’s a very good point here. They’re not grateful for what they have. They’ve never been grateful for what they have now. Yes, that can be a success factor. That can be what drives you. I’ve got to attain this and there is something to that. But it gets carried away too far, you know, because if you can’t be grateful, no matter what your situation is, and I mean, even in a dire situation, there’s always something to find to be grateful for.


[00:03:00] And if you start now, then when you do use the motivation for what you want to achieve and what you don’t have and things of that sort in the first place, you’re not going to depend on that thing as making you happy, because I know in my life all too often I’ve achieved what I wanted to achieve and it’s been a let down. It’s almost been like, okay, you know, I guess I got it. But you know what I really want? I want this next thing or it’s anticlimactic. One of the, for instance, professionally, one of the most ambitious, scary projects that I ever did. Nobody had ever done anything like what we were going to do. When I think back about it, yes, when it premiered, it was very enjoyable. I was very grateful for it and I enjoyed it. But when I think back about it now, years later, I think about the journey. I think about what we went through and what we accomplished and what we succeeded. And I wish I had been more grateful about it at the time. So it’s the little things and it’s the big things. But the more you’re grateful about things, the better chemistry you’re going to have in your brain, which is going to enable you to work better. And again, keep it in mind. You cannot be unhappy if you’re being grateful.


[00:04:23] And that’s kind of one of those universal truths that come from God, the universe, your subconscious, whatever that we need to listen to and adhere to, and use that as a success factor, by the way, as it applies to a new way forward. We start realizing when you’re more and more grateful about what you have as to what it is that’s really important to you and that you want. And as we get older in life, you know, it becomes the time when we can sort through all the BS or the old outdated beliefs or even untrue beliefs that we need to get past. And we start identifying with who we really are and what we really want in life and what’s really important to life. Why is it that, you know, you hear people who go through crises and it takes that crises for them to realize what’s really important? So being grateful all the time, just in that moment, you could do it driving a car, you can do it waking up, you could do it in the shower. You could spend a lot of time thinking about it, or you can think more seconds about it. It all starts to add up. It all starts to get you aligned in a better place and a better realization and better cognition and better performance and better health. So if you really think about it, being grateful is something to really be grateful for.