Boomercast: Leadership is a Baby Boomer Asset. Leverage it!

Fact: Businesses, startups, entrepreneurs and major corporations need leaders now more than With so many older workers being shown the door and young talents filling the vacuum, many companies are now realizing how critical wisdom, experience and the leadership are to success.

A critical success factor for solid leadership is experience. Certainly, Baby Boomers have that experience. Their leadership abilities and potential can be a major factor for overcoming ageism and getting (keeping) a job. Certainly for starting up a business and being an entrepreneur.

John Baldoni offers insight into different types of effective leadership and how Boomers can leverage their experience and leadership in a start-up or any business. John is an internationally recognized Leadership educator, executive coach, writer, and speaker. He has written over a dozen books and more than 600 articles for media outlets such as Forbes, CBS, and the Harvard Business Review.