Market or Forget it!

With so many people starting up new enterprises and business …they forget, put off, or diminish marketing to their demise.

If you don’t get it out there and make people aware and then convince them what you’re offering is what they need… well…even the greatest offering in the world will fail. Period.

So…what do you do? In the full interview Marketing guru and podcaster, Wendi Cooper will give you the information, import, and approach to make sure your effort succeeds.

-Pre-Marketing phase

-Determining budget and assets

-Marketing support that’s right for you

Wendi has spent a professional lifetime in direct to consumer marketing and content creation. She is the founder of See Spot Run Productions which is D2C and B2B hybrid direct response marketing solutions for one-on-one testimonials, branded entertainment, product placement, campaign management and digital marketing consulting.

She recently added Voice First Marketing and Production services. And has her own podcast show The Wendi Cooper: Conversations with Remarkable People Over 50.

Contact Wendi: (Portfolio) (Company Website) (Personal Website)

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