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Need to find Something More in Life?

Do you need to find something more in life? Thinking there’s just got to be more than what you have and how you’re living now.

It’s one of the biggest questions you could ever ask. AND you MUST answer it.

Because inevitably asking if there is something more in life, the answer is YES!

As we get older, we reach a point where we’ve learned enough about life, the world and ourselves to actually be in a position to discover the “something more in life” that is right for us.

A New Way Forward to pivot, change, transition or transform not just from a poor situation but to a New Way Forward that’s ideal for you and only you.

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Transcript: Need to find Something More in Life?

[00:00:00] Helping you find your new way forward to the best years of your life. This is a New Way Forward podcast with Paul Long.


[00:00:08] Do you think there’s something more to life than what you’re experiencing? Do you think I life owes you more or there’s something more within you or just you know, there’s got to be more than this. I got to tell you, if you said, I think everything’s fine. You’re the exception to the rule or you’re kidding yourself. And hopefully this might trigger you to seriously examine it, because almost all of us, no matter what our situation, especially when we get older, forties or above, we start. Maybe even just subconsciously or lightly thinking about it. Well, that is one of the most important questions you could possibly ask yourself that could save your life. And when I say save your life, I mean saving your life, the life that you’re living, the way that you are. You need to answer that. And if the answer is, yeah, I do think there’s something more. Don’t ask for somebody to pass the potato salad to you. Use that as an opportunity to go. Okay. We’ll just. What exactly is that? Use this as an opportunity to put your attention on it and start thinking about it because you’re going to start thinking about it and it’s going to start coming to you naturally and you’re going to start getting answers as to what that more is. And here are a couple of things to be careful about. If you catch yourself doing any of the well, have you heard about the poverty mindset versus the abundant mindset? If you hear any of these self-limiting poverty mindset things happen, that’s where you’ve got to challenge it, and that’s one of the greatest things that you can do.


[00:01:53] So, for instance, in this case, I can think of a couple off the top of my head. One is, well, it’s this person’s fault or it’s the government’s fault, or it’s my situation or whatever. That’s a poverty mindset. People who are successful in life or business or whatever their attitude is, Yes, this is true. I’m going to do something about it. I’m going to take responsibility to overcome it, maybe even to take advantage of it. Another one is, is that. Well, that always happens with other people. Other people are successful. Other people make money, other people have gifted to them or whatever. That’s a poverty mindset. In other words, it’s an excuse. Whereas people with an abundant, successful mindset think I can do that too. I’m capable of doing more because I need and want to do more in my life. I’m entitled to it. And I’m not talking about like the stereotype of millennials that they’re so entitled. I mean, whatever you can possibly achieve, you know, wealth, happiness, success, whatever, whatever it is, million different things, you’re entitled to that having that because you went after it and you achieved it.


[00:03:13] And we pretty much all can achieve more than what we have now. The question is, do you want it? And what the heck is it? Now you know my story. So many people look at me and say, Oh my gosh, Paul, how could you want anything more? You had this great, successful broadcast news career. You know, the content creation. You and Kim have been together since college. You’ve got two incredible kids all the same. You got a nice view. That’s true. But I’ve always known that there was something more that I needed and wanted. I also knew that there was something more within myself. So the way I got going and discovered my new way forward, which of course is new way forward, is I actually happened to start thinking about. Yeah, what’s this more? First of all, it started with me. You know, I realized that even in those two great careers, I could have done more that I wanted to do and that I could have been. But also I realized, you know, I wanted something more in life. There’s got to be something more to it than what I’m doing. And I had to identify what that was. And without knowing the technique that I’m sharing with you about when you put your focus on it, like, you know, like over the next couple of days, make a point of thinking about it.


[00:04:33] All of a sudden it started happening organically, meaning it happened on its own while I was shaving or driving safely or whatever. And I started identifying what that more was and what was holding me back, which was identifying some old, outdated or untrue, self limiting beliefs. You know, things I had learned from my parents that weren’t necessarily true, on and on and on. It’s beautiful. It’s just opening everything up to you and you start identifying what that more is. And in this phase of life, when you become older, in the decades of healthy life that you have ahead of you, this is the time to take advantage of that and to transition, transform, pivot, tweak, whatever you want to call it, your life into fulfilling that something more that you’re entitled to. What a concept. Of course, most people will never do this because they never stop to think about what it is and they never take it on and they never stop trying to discover. You know, there’s there’s also a bit of conflict here. I’ll admit with how I talk about gratitude, you know. So I’ve done videos and blogs about you cannot be unhappy if you’re being grateful. And the number one thing to be happy is to be grateful for what you have. And I know Kim has gotten on me about that saying, wait a minute, you tell me.


[00:06:04] You say that it’s great to be grateful for everything that you have ranging from the simple. I woke up this morning a few million people in the world didn’t you know, to where we live, our family, you know what we have and stuff like that. So isn’t that counter to, you know, this thing about wanting more? Oh, no, you should be grateful for everything that you have and that will make you happy. And by the way, if you can’t be grateful now, you’re not going to be grateful when you get what it is you’re going after. But that does not preclude the fact that you’re entitled to something more. And in fact, I’ll even say that being grateful now for what you’re going after and then the steps to get to where you want something more will also make you happy and it will solidify it. I could go on and on about this, but my tip to you is this. Ask yourself, Do I want something more? Do I have more to offer to life? Have more to offer me? If the answer is yes, put some attention on it. Give it some thought. Things will start percolating. Things will come to light. Energy and enthusiasm will grow. And before you know it, you found your new way forward. And you’re making the years ahead your best.

[00:07:22] You’ve been listening to a new Way Forward podcast with your host, Paul Long.

Need to find Something More in Life? Yes, you do if you’re asking the question. Be sure to seek the answer. One that’s right for you.