Boomercast: How to Discover Your True Passion and Your True Purpose

“Follow your passion!” We hear it often but many people don’t know the true definition of “passion” (and it’s not a hobby), what their core authentic passions are or, even if they do know them, what to do with them.

So how do we define what our “Passions” really are (BTW, we’re not talking sex and hobbies)? Once I know what mine are, what do I do with them to be fulfilled and purposeful?

Researcher, consultant and former top HR executive Alaina Love developed a method with the University of Michigan to help you to identify your primary passions (archetypes). and then align them with your skills and values to live a life of purpose and fulfillment. While this is one of the most important determinations any of us of any age needs to make, this process and be amazing for Baby Boomers looking to make this later phase of life meaningful, fulfilling and fun. Your chance to live your legacy.