Boomercast: The Enormous Benefits of Baby Boomer Employees

As a former top Human Resources executive and CEO of Purpose Linked Consulting, Alaina Love offers real-world insight and perspective for HR hiring managers, bosses, and owners to help them be fully aware of the importance of older workers.

For Baby Boomers looking to find a job, keep a job or advance, her advice and perspective will help you achieve your goals and give you the information you need to share to alter misconceptions and assumption and get to where you need to go.

Ageism with invalid assumptions is rampant. Boomers, young talents and businesses miss out and even fail as a result.

Experience, wisdom, skills, maturity, and talent have been valued forever and for good reason. They remain critical to any endeavor and are needed now more than ever as businesses realize we have overemphasized “young talent” (after all, who is going to mentor and teach them?). Diversity & Inclusion are considered a major success factor and the Boomer is a prominent part of that mix especially considering their experience and accomplishments.