Tap Top Talent (affordably): Engage Transitioners for your Business

There is a growing mutual need between companies, startups, and small/medium enterprises that can’t afford to employ full time accomplished professionals and those very professionals who are entering their third stage of life but want to keep working just not full time.

It’s a win-win.

This new and growing sector of experienced and talented professionals are called “Transitioners”. Think of them as being high-level Gig Workers.

In this interview, you will hear from highly successful entrepreneur Mehbs Remtulla about What’s neXT? A social venture supported by GEARSHIFTING INC. Its focus is on developing community-based innovative strategies to help “Transitioners” (retirees yes, but also younger folks who may have exited the workplace earlier) connect with “organizations” – employers, NFPs, and learning institutions, in order to lead engaged and purposeful lives.

Research shows Transitioners define an engaged & purposeful life to include some work (for pay), giving back(volunteering), and an element of continuous learning – all within a community-based ecosystem. As we continue to live longer & healthier lives, the need for creative ideas that tap into years of life experiences and wisdom will have to be developed.

Mehbs is a pharmaceutical executive and founder of one of the top healthcare communications company in Canada. He is an innovation catalyst to the healthcare industry, government, advocacy groups and non-profit organizations.

GEARSHIFTING is a disruptive innovation & strategic consultancy challenging the status quo, asking the ‘what if’ questions and encourage intelligent risk-taking so we may come up with creative solutions to business challenges. His current venture, What’s neXT?! (currently in development) is a holistic, integrated & curated digital platform that connects “transitioners” with organizations (employers, not for profits and institutions of learning) such that they may lead engaged and purposeful lives.

Contact Mehbs at mremtulla@gearshifting.com  www.linkedin.com/in/gearshifting

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