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You are currently viewing The Greatest Opportunity of Your Life – Being older means it’s YOUR TURN

The Greatest Opportunity of Your Life – Being older means it’s YOUR TURN

The Greatest Opportunity of Your Life – Being older means it’s YOUR TURN!

In your 20’s you were excited about the opportunities along the road ahead in the decades ahead.

When you approach or surpass 50, you can get excited again.

That road and decades of healthy and active life are still ahead. In fact, never before have you been better prepared to make them the best years of your life.

“Oh, the Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss is a popular gift for graduates. It can be just as relevant and meaningful for the birthday of someone who is “older” and needs a New Way Forward.

It’s your turn so forget planning for retirement. Don’t let ageism block your road.

Embrace boundless opportunities in employment, entrepreneurialism, self-employment and other new and exciting ways to earn an income if you need and want it. Live with passion and purpose. Have the health and wellbeing in mind, body and spirit to “die young at an old age”. Be relevant and have a life that matters.

New insights and ways to view your life from New Way Forward’s Paul Long.

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Podcast Transcript: The Greatest Opportunity of Your Life – Being older means it’s YOUR TURN

Congratulations, today is your day, you’re
off to great places, you’re off and away. Dr.


Seuss Oh, the places you’ll go.


This is more than a kids’ book, and in fact,
this could be one of the greatest gifts you


could give someone over the age of 50.


Stay with me on this. Now I’m in the bedroom
where when our sons were young, I’d read to


them every night we still got some of the
books Goodnight Moon. There goes a truck, Dr.


Seuss books. This wasn’t on the shelf. We
gave this book to each boy in one of their


graduations. And in fact, this is a very
popular gift to graduates because Dr. Seuss,


in his amazing way, really lays out what life
ahead is going to be like. The exciting part


the things you can do, the places you can go,
the things you can achieve, and also the


scary places, the dark places, the hard
places. But the fact that you’ll get out of


  1. And what got me to thinking is, is that
    when you’re graduating from high school or


college, there’s this road ahead, this road
ahead of possibilities of things you want to


do, places you want to go, things you want to
accomplish, differences you want to make. In


the decades of life ahead. Well, when you’re
approaching so-called retirement age, you’ve


still got decades ahead, you’ve still got
that road of possibilities ahead of you,


except you now have decades of life behind
you in which you’ve learned a lot about this


and you’ve learned what you want and what you
can do, and maybe you haven’t been fulfilling


some of the really important things within
you. Now you’ve got this literally fresh


opportunity to do it. And that experience
plays a big role, as Dr. Seuss says, you look


up and down streets, look them over with care
about some, you will say, I don’t choose to


go there with your head full of brains and
your shoes full of feet. You’re too smart to


go down any not so good street. If you decide
to think about this and take this


opportunity, this quite frankly, gift of life
that now is afforded to us and future


generations where we’re not just living
longer, we’re living healthier, longer and


more active and the way society and
technology and business and everything else


  1. The opportunities abound. I mean, you
    would not be alone. There are the mega trend


that’s going on right now is people over 50,
60, 70 or 80 are continuing to work,


sometimes because they have to and sometimes
because they want to or both. Sometimes


they’re even pivoting careers. And every week
you hear about some new configuration about


older workers staying employed longer,
whether it’s phased retirement or legacy


workers, special projects, consultants or
whatever and entrepreneurs. Boomers lead


millennials two to one by two to one margin,
double the number of startups every year and


have the highest likelihood to succeed. In
many cases, it’s because, hey, it’s my turn.


I want something to do. So this book Oh, the
places you go might help someone just get


past this notion of traditional retirement.
And very often it’s just a notion you planned


your whole life, but you haven’t really
thought this one through and open up a world


of possibilities that could be one of the
greatest gifts of life. And you know, it


might seem daunting at first, and you got to,
you know, put some work in some homework and


think about it and everything. But the
possibilities are great and and as Dr. Seuss


says. And will you succeed?


Yes, you will.


Indeed. Ninety eight and three quarter
percent guaranteed.