Thriving after the Pandemic: Pause then Pivot

How do you survive and even thrive this coronavirus pandemic when your job is threatened, you need to find a job or a new way to earn an income? Futurist Karen Sand’s advice: Pause then Pivot.

Don’t rush into something new to earn a living, unless you absolutely have to immediately. Use this time to re-evaluate your life, skills, and needs and then pivot to something more fulfilling, meaningful, and even profitable.

ProBoomer originally shared her advice on April 1, 2020, in the early days of the pandemic “lock-down. Now two months later, she says we should still be in pause mode. Karen goes into detail on the methods and considerations to look at your skills, experience, and talents in new ways and pivot to something new whether it’s a new job, how to search for a job, being an entrepreneur, networking, and other life and work topics.

Karen has been cited as one of the top 50 female futurists in the world by Forbes magazine. She is an author, speaker, and certified coach.

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