Understanding & Profiting from the Baby Boomer Market

No other generation demographic spends more and has more to spend. Yet, only 5% to 10% of marketing dollars target Baby Boomers.

Advertisers don’t get it. In fact, they not only miss the mark they tend to alienate who Bloomberg characterizes as the most powerful market the world has ever seen.

In this interview Barry Robertson and Marcus Matthews of Boomer-NeXt dives into more than the numbers:

-Key needs and attitudes of Boomers

-The problem with age agnostic marketing

-The “Mad Men” Myth no longer applies

-Marketing in COVID times

Understanding Boomers and their stories can lead to huge success for anyone targeting this market.

Boomer-NeXt’s seminars, reports and custom engagements are teaching brands to re-generate and grow market share in the hugely profitable, but under-appreciated, over-stereotyped, 50+ consumer space. More at https://boomer-next.com/

Barry Robertson:  After starting out at McCann-Erickson’s Marplan division in Los Angeles, as a young Boomer Barry co-founded J.D. Power & Associates with trailblazing mentor Dave Power before embarking on an independent career as a consultant, strategist and researcher for domestic and global brands, automakers and leading U.S. ad agencies.

A Boomer-world authority, his focus is on innovation, disruption and brand opportunity in the enormous and diverse U.S. 50+ space – the world’s 3rd largest economy.

Marcus Matthews: His consulting, strategic planning and market research expertise are encyclopedic – from consumer goods, travel, automotive and financial to public and corporate policy assignments for clients in/from the US, France, Germany, Canada, Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic, Mexico Kazakhstan, Brazil, Panama, El Salvador, Russia and Japan.

Born on the cusp of two generations, he is a Boomer/Gen X popular culture expert and ever so slightly enjoys driving his wife crazy by playing his harmonica around the house.

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