We’re All in this Together so let’s Band Together

We really are all in this together. Specifically “olderhood”.

So let’s band together, work together and support each other for mutual benefit and gain.

No matter your race, gender, sexual preference, socio-economical situation or education, your nationality, geography, lineage or whatever, we are all in this “stage of life together”.

Which means we are facing ageism together and ageism is growing dramatically.

Many of us are pursuing “rewirement” instead of retirement. A rewiring of our attitudes, intentions and perceptions of what it is to be in this phase of life. To do this we must “rewire” attitudes and perceptions of employers, investors and even millennials.

To achieve this we must come together and support each other just as we did with so many social movements of the past.

Supporting each other with ideas, encouragement, connections, knowledge, opportunities and understanding.

Whatever you’re facing, someone else has already been through it and thereby can offer insight and solutions for you.

Whether it’s to start a business, an altruistic endeavor or to find a job.

What if together we created an active and dynamic community linking us all together? Craigslist meets Facebook meets Google meets LinkedIn meets Ann Landers meets…(you get the idea).

Here’s your call to action: Help us define and create such an effort. Join us in developing ideas, features, software and resources. It’s obviously a web site (mobile friendly). Is it a part of this site? Do we create a new one? What does it need to do and have on it? Can you offer support in doing this? What platforms can we use? How do we launch it? Etc.

This can be something amazing benefitting us all in practical terms and positive terms.

After all, you get back what you give.

Perhaps you’re one of the forty-eight percent of Baby Boomers who are not on track to afford retirement. You have to keep working. And you may be saddled with the burden of caring for friends and family and costs and commitments that come with it.

Or, maybe for you it’s “my turn”. You did what you were supposed to in job, family and community and now you can and want to manifest a desire or idea or you want to stay active, signify or continue to leverage their talents and skills and be connected and involved.

Or maybe you’re simply not done yet.

Whatever the case, we are all in this together so let’s band and work together. It starts here by you providing ideas and connections in the comment form to create a remarkable support and connection tool.