You are never too old to start a business

You are never too old to start a business.

Paul Tasner did at age 66 and succeeded. He has told his story in a TED talk that has drawn 2.2 million views and in a ProBoomer interview, he goes into greater depth of the how, the why, and the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur (at any age).

He says it’s been one of the greatest things in his life and he says he would not have appreciated it as much as he does if he had done this in his youth.

Paul is among the millions of Boomer entrepreneurs who are starting up twice the number of businesses than Millennials do. Boomers have a seven in ten chance of success far surpassing other age groups. In the time of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, need and necessity (and ageism) will drive more and more people over 50 and older workers to become business owners.

There will also be more opportunities especially for Social Entrepreneurs like Paul Tasner. His inspiring, candid, and insightful interview will help spark others to take this route. Besides providing the income he still needed, starting a business with all of the challenges as well as the joys, has been one of the most fulfilling things he has ever done and he doubts he would have found it to be that big a deal if he had started a business when he was younger. Besides, his granddaughter thinks he’s cool because of it.

Paul’s story can be an inspiration and validating for other Boomers and people over the age of 50 to start their own business as a way to provide an income, get around ageism in the job market as well as to have a purpose and fulfillment.

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